Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WhaleWatch Score

Here is how it will go for the next couple of months. I will drive out along Lake Crescent. There will be weather of some sort or other, and beauty of some sort or other.

Lake Crescent, March 10, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

This time I stopped at That Photo Stop to take a picture of That Madrone, though I don't usually.

That Madrone, Artfully Posing as a Bonsai (Click for larger image.)

At the Three Rivers store I will reluctantly bypass the righthand fork which leads to happy beach hours at Rialto Beach, and instead take the left-hand fork to La Push, to attempt to see the gray whale migration. Notice the word 'attempt'. It foreshadows. At La Push, I will park overlooking First Beach, and look. If conditions are windy or wet, I will sit in the car and look. On this day, it's obviously going to be impossible to spot whale blows or little bits of whale out there in the surf.

First Beach, March 10, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

(This is another of those don't-usually photos. Usually I show the beautiful horizon, mostly. It's all I see, wherever I am. Here, however, is the portable whale-watch blind. It doubles as lunchroom, reading room, and wind shelter:

Portable Whale-watch Station (Click for larger image.)

The weather will be variable. On this day, it almost cleared once or twice, then there were more rainshowers. The wind was steady.

... (Click for larger image.)

Boats may go in and out through the river mouth, depending. In this case, two Coast Guard Boats bounced on out into a rainshower and disappeared, then later came back in.

Coast Guard boats approaching the river mouth (Click for larger image.)
Coast Guard boats in the channel (Click for larger image.)

I may see eagles. (Had a very nice eagle sighting on Saturday.) Driving along the highway, every time I approach a place where I have seen elk in the past, I will call them. (Am I going to confess to going, "He-e-e-re, elky elky elky," as I come around a curve? Not hardly. But it worked for JK and me in the dark last week.)

Other watchers will report success, yesterday or this morning or last Thursday. But the whales go into stealth mode when I am nearby, and for the next two months, weekend after weekend, my score will be something on the order of

Migrating Whales 10,000
Sightings 0

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