Thursday, March 03, 2016

Update March 2016

Hello again Ocean In View followers, such as you are at this point.  As I have not heard from anyone with an interest in underwriting the continued existence of Mir's Cyber Mesa pages at and associated email account at an annual cost of around $300, I'm planning to let that account lapse by the end of this month.  If there's any content on the Cyber Mesa site that you really want to preserve, I suggest downloading it now, although I imagine that much of it will have an afterlife on the servers of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  As I've noted before, my impression is that Google-supported content such as this blog has the potential of surviving till the Apocalypse (or beyond).  I suspect that Mir's Twitter account could also last indefinitely.

I did have some correspondence in the fall with someone from the OrcaLab community, so they should all be aware of Mir's death.

I think that's pretty much it for housekeeping.  If I think of something else that seems to merit posting, I will post it.  Everyone take care until then.