Tuesday, March 06, 2012

First Beach Web Cam

Why am I here and not there? (Love me them web cams...)

First Beach Web Cam, 7:20 AM, March 6, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

Other glimpses of the world out there, brought to us in our desk chairs by the magic of the Web: For PG, you're right about the snowpack in the Sangre de Cristos:

SNOTEL Map (River Basin Snow Water Content), March 5, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

Yesterday there were orcas in Port Angeles harbor again, which of course I didn't see. Didn't go out to First Beach to try to see gray whales, either. (Well ok, I had something to do and I got it done despite feeling crummy. But...) Falling down on my annual job of not-seeing whales from First Beach, need more discipline. They're coming, they're coming (1)(2). I need to be out there on the point in La Push, not seeing them.

By golly look at that. It snowed last night at only 500-whatever-feet when it rained here in town and was going plinky plinky on the drainpipes.

Glines Canyon Dam Cam, 7:32 AM, March 6, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

They're going to have to move the Lake Mills Delta Cam soon, the lake is drawn down so far you can barely see water... Hey, National Park information person, please update the Dam Removal Blog. The last entry was so-o-o-o good. #kthxbai

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