Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maritime Mystery

Tuesday afternoon there was a log barge parked in the harbor, with its attendant tug. I saw it when I went down to put in some time on the Marine Sanctuary's electronic library database. Wednesday afternoon it was still there, and when WC left on the ferry there seemed to be a lot of loose logs afloat on the Strait just outside the harbor. What was Paul Bunyan doing sitting around in our harbor for days? Hiding from bad weather (there had been some, and more coming)? Why did she (he?) appear not even to be on speaking terms with his tug, Henry Brusco? Given the tidal currents that sweep back and forth in the Strait, could the loose logs be from Bunyan, and still be around a couple of days later? By now have the logs been rescued?

Paul Bunyan with Henry Brusco (Click for larger image.)

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