Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Beach, The Creek, No Whales

All day, all of us in the library talking about the warm sunny day out our windows, and wishing we were elsewhere. Was talking to my boss at the moment my work day ended. I looked up at her clock and

Me: "I'm out of here. My beach clothes are in the back room, and I'm going..."
Boss: *claps hands over ears* "La-la-la-la-la I can't stand to hear this."
Me: "...straight west. MP says she saw gray whales from Shelter Cove this weekend, and they swim 100 miles a day, so it's still possible..."

South end of First Beach, May 18, 2011 (Click for larger image)

In case you're keeping track, the score for the season is now: number of migrating gray whales moving north up the coast some of whom might have been visible, vicinity of 20,000; number of whale blows spotted, zero.

You can step across the creek (Click for larger image)

As the tide turned and began to ebb, the waves settled down and conditions were perfect. I looked and looked, read for a while, looked and looked. No whales.

Lake Crescent, I might mention, was technicolor blue surrounded by the altogether green of the bigleaf maples with their new raiment on. The first moment you see it from the road takes your breath away. Technicolor blue and altogether green.

Soundscapes, for Cee and for Sam:


The halibut opening is still on. There were boats and boat trailers everywhere. Traveling west at this unaccustomed hour, I saw a parade of log trucks; assume those trees were heading for the log ship presently loading at the T-pier in Port Angeles, Sun Ruby; soon to be on their way to Korea. And in the evening, as I was heading home, a parade of boats on trailers darting west, for an early fishing start in the morning...


bookinista said...

I am stranded on this arid dusty plateau. This post and all your posts brings me a welcome sense of salt spray and ionized air. I grew up along Southern California beaches and this reminds me how much I miss them. I left the sea before whale-watching became an actual activity; I've NEVER done that. Spot one for me, please.

bookinista said...

Could play that second video again and again to meditate by ...