Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shorebird Dude (JL's Whimbrel)

Was out at Hobuck Beach on Makah Bay Saturday. It was a very nice day, companionable and warm; but my pix are mushy and hazy and kind of glum. My little camera only actually does ok in bright sun. Two of the people I was out with had quite good cameras, and after using the images on their camera screens to try to identify the shore birds— we were doing live birds as well as the usual COASST survey for dead ones, had a tally sheet for the Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society's Birdathon, the Clallam County Big Day— I was ready to throw my own camera into the ocean.

I do love shorebirds. And never see them on 'my' beach, Rialto. One of the several virtues of going to survey at Hobuck is the likelihood of seeing cheerful little shorebird dudes. If it has long legs and a long beak I'm for it.

JL's photograph of a Whimbrel, May 14, 2011 (Click for larger image.)

Heard from MP, who was camping at Shelter Cove in far-northern California last weekend. She saw a mother-baby gray whale pair from the beach. So I am inspired for one last try at First Beach. Busy with houseguest this weekend, so will try to dart out to the ocean after work tomorrow. Today would be better, the weather is good and especially No Wind, an advantage when looking for whale blows,

but as a sort of working girl I have to go to not one but two meetings after my shift today. I gotta say, I still like having a relationship to my profession, care a lot about library work; but this having to turn up when scheduled instead of responding to the weather is less and less attractive all the time.

Large Amiable Group Surveying for Dead Birds at Hobuck Beach (Click for larger image.)

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