Saturday, May 21, 2011

Loading Sun Ruby

Sun Ruby sure looks like she's loaded to the top of the stanchions; but the log trucks keep rolling out onto the T-pier, as they have for four or five days. The tide was very low this morning, the ship heavily laden and low in the water. At the pier you can't see the ship at all, only the load.

Sun Ruby Taking on Logs (Click for larger image.)

At the stern end of the load, the cranes are lifting rolls of cabling and the workmen are already lashing things down. At the bow end, bundles of logs are still being lifted off the trailers, parked in cradles, lashed up, and then lifted by crane to (mostly) the starboard side, where there still seems to be room. Now and again the cranes in the middle of the ship will pick up like one log or two, and add it to some carefully chosen spot.

Back Here They Were Starting To Cable Over the Top of the Load (Click for larger image.)

I asked a guy with a badge, whose pickup was parked in one of MSRC's spaces (Marine Spill Response Corporation), and he said she would sail at 19:00 hours this evening. Might try to get a picture of her out on the Strait as she comes around the Hook. Or maybe not. Houseguest arriving any minute, who might expect a chance to eat dinner.

... (Click for larger image.)

I haven't watched a log ship load since Portland Bay last winter. It's a amazing sight when it's a full load like this. In spite of forbidding signage, I wasn't the only watcher. Very hard to imagine how she can manage to stay upright, out in the open ocean.


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