Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crisp Horizon, Breaking Waves, 9-Foot Tide, Low Swell

I couldn't stop looking at the horizon, the clear sharp dark blue edge. And like all the other people who were perched on logs all along the beach and along the jetty, I watched the tide come in. There wasn't much surf, but at the 9 foot high the bigger sets of waves washed right into the front edge of the drift.

How It Was To See and Hear, February 19, 2011
Looking North, Rialto Beach, February 19, 2011 (Click for larger image.)

Two eagles flew out over the ocean just off the jetty. I think these wouldn't be the same ones that seem to live by Ellen Creek. Might be the ones you see or hear from the pullout over the river just behind parking lot.


I spent a lot of time up there on the jetty. Usually I go north rather than south, away from the people staying near the parking lot. I edged a little south on the near end of the jetty. If you look east along the river from up there (on a day like this), you can see Mount Olympus.

Quileute River, with Mount Olympus. Zoomed in, and in context (Click for larger images.)
Looking South-ish (Click for larger images.)
River, Jetty, Islands, Ocean, As You First See It from the Road (Click for larger image.)

The wild run of winter steelhead is still coming up the Quileute and Sol Duc Rivers. There were pickups and boat trailers parked just about everywhere they could park, all along the rivers. The other pleasure of the highway was of course the elk on Beaver Prairie. Zoomed view in the previous post. Here's the wider view. (The parcel is for sale. It will not be like this forever.)

Elk on Beaver Prairie, February 19, 2011 (Click for larger image.)

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love the clip - just like I'm standing on shore ! the description says it all :)