Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Daily Me

So all I want in my personal news input at the moment is Libya, and other evidences of the world turning upside down. I get irritated when NPR has other stories; I think, wait wait, your job is to address the confirmability of what I'm reading on the web. I am baffled by my librarianly and techie and bookish tweeps, who are continuing to post the content which has entranced me for years; what? how can you not be retweeting revolution and suppression...

well but how can I be retweeting things I know nothing about, instead of the mild librarian-day-in-the-life concerns that most of my followers presumably have followed me for?

It's even put a crimp in my usual reading diet. Shall I stick to natural history and gloomy-future-of-the-earth? Am I entitled to read fiction, especially mysteries? Imaginary deaths on the page, while I hover my mouse button over links labelled 'graphic' showing torture blood and death, and consider whether, since I am trying to witness, it is permissable to avoid clicking. (Mostly I avoid.)

Am I entitled to a life of comfort?

Nevertheless, I went to the ocean yesterday, and was rewarded with elk on Beaver Prairie. Highway 101, a two-lane all the way around the Olympic Peninsula, goes right by this meadow, and every time I drive to the outer coast I examine it carefully for elk, going out and coming home I check every time even though I've only ever seen them in winter, and there haven't been any for a year at least. But yesterday, yes. Photo also includes evidence that there was indeed lowland snow out on the West End, though no precip at all here in PA.

Elk on Beaver Prairie, February 20 (Click for larger image.)

I stopped twice along the way in places I knew I could get a signal, to put the iPad online and see what was happening. Slaughter of demonstators in Libya was happening. I came home. I emailed tiny faraway elk pictures to everyone. Do you see what I mean?

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