Thursday, February 24, 2011

02/24 Cold

Winter Resurgent. Streets frozen. I should go out and finish the shoveling I abandoned at dusk. Suddenly it's snowing again.

The lot on H Street. February 24, 2011. (Click for larger image.)

When you can see across the Strait, Vancouver Island and San Juan Island are snowy white at the water level. At first I couldn't figure out what I was seeing. Out on the Outer Coast, snow. Everywhere, snow.

First Beach webcam. 02/24/11. Snow right down to the water. (Click for larger image.)

The college for some reason thinks this is a 'business as usual' day. I called my boss to say, 'Um, I'll keep you posted...'


Anonymous said...

Yeah, winter came back here too after giving us some respite in early February. We've had more snow than in some years but then again this is an El Nina they tell us.

Tim said...

I threw my shovel back in the garage after watching the snow fall this AM. Nice pics!