Friday, March 05, 2010

It Was Blue Out

Yesterday afternoon I went out onto Ediz Hook. As I came around a corner and headed downhill towards the harbor, seeing all that sweep of blue water made me smile as if I were newly arrived again. There was no ship action: one of the Polar tankers out in the harbor with a small boat by it, no big ships coming or going on the Strait. Only one pilot boat at the dock: if the other is still gone the next time I go out there I'll ask someone about it. Not too many ducks still around, a few bufflehead.

Strait of Juan de Fuca. If you look at the large size image, you can see downtown Victoria silhouetted against Mt. Douglas. Click for larger image.)
Strait of Juan de Fuca. Just blue, that's all. (Click for larger image.)

Today was even more blue, unbelievably beautiful; but I was absorbed in housekeeping, planning to go to Second Beach tomorrow morning for the low tide if I could stay on track and take care of things, so I barely even looked out.

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