Saturday, January 05, 2008

Don't Tell the Serious-Reading Police

Long rainy day. Nothing to read. Well, no mysteries I want to read. Went to the public library when it opened this morning, as that is the best time to hope to score something good from the New Books shelves. No luck. None of the other opening time browsers seemed to score either. I have twenty mysteries on request and not a one of them has turned up for me in the past two weeks. Only thing that caught my eye in the new books was a small Orson Scott Card book, an Ender Christmas story of all things. But I appear to have gone back into the stacks in a trance and wandered home with Ender's Game under my arm, and am rereading it instead of either the several nonfictions or the several second-choice mysteries lying around the house.

So I am reading, or rather not-reading, Karen Armstrong's The Bible (again); and LeGuin's Voices. Am saving Leslie Marmon Silko's Yellow woman and a beauty of the spirit : essays on Native American life and Jimmy Carter's Beyond the White House : Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, Building Hope (and several desirable mystery paperbacks) for the next trip to see my mom a week from now.

OK. Going back to Battle School...

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