Saturday, January 05, 2008

Party in the Magically Invisible Library

We had an open house for tribal staff in our library Friday. There I was in the supermarket at 7:30 AM buying snacks and treats for 30 people, just in case. For some hours no visitors came. We sent out the fourth email of the week inviting people to come, this time offering a prize drawing. 'Let's offer them a copy of the new Sherman Alexie book,' said R. 'Nuh-uh, you're not giving away our most hottest new title,' I said. 'OK,' said T., 'ok, we'll give away my personal copy.'

Eventually maybe a dozen people drifted by in the course of the day. There were two women, I'm not sure which office they worked in. They ate our munchies and looked around and finally asked timidly if we meant they could check out the books, they could bring the kids to check out books. 'Oh, yes,' I said. 'I guess I should make a sign.' They nodded, so I printed up about six sheets that read


and showed the women my handiwork (they approved), and taped the signs to the end of the bookcase, and the table full of treats, and the display of new books, and the exit door, and everywhere.

One parent checked out a couple of board books. One teacher also checked out a few things, including the DVD of Powwow Highway that came in on Wednesday and that both R. and I had our eyes on.

Maybe we have to do this every month.

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