Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Memos to Self

I need to remember to bring my tape measure to work, to figure out what size of bulletin board we have room for. The Education Building has all kinds of stuff on its walls already, handcolored posters of Klallam names for animals, announcements of training opportunities, etc.; but we need a place for Library News. Yes we do.

Our library's books of Edward Curtis' photographs have about eight different call numbers. I need to round them up and give them all the same number so they sit together. No matter what Library of Congress thinks is supposed to be happening to them.

Then I need to figure out how to create a literature section in the adult books, so that novels and poetry and writing collections shelve in the same neighborhood, like perhaps in the very first bookcase one sees when they walk in the door. Don't need to worry about drama: I can't think of a single Native American playwright. Filmmakers, yes. But the DVDs will be shelved in their own conspicuous section, like ON TOP of that first bookcase. When I manage to order some.

The tribe's techie is leaving in two weeks. He's said he will get the last module of our catalog software up and going before he leaves, the one that makes us searchable from the web, so that his successor will not have to start from scratch in learning to get the program (Resourcemate) to play well with the tribe's network. Oh it will be so exciting to sit at home and check our holdings, or to create links to our own records when one of the library's books figures in the Reading News....

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Sam said...

Didn't Sherman Alexie write a screenplay once? or maybe not.

What is the general attitude toward the Curtis photos in the Native community there? Do you get a feeling for it?