Thursday, December 13, 2007

'O That's the Place For Me'

"Everybody had a melody all his own. 'Oh that's the place for me.' So off to the faroff city went Celeste. The whole city sang..." And in the Singing City after sundry sad experiences and rejections, Celeste the melody whom nobody wants is invited to dance by Prince Cello.

I'm on a quest. I want the recording of George Kleinsinger & Paul Tripp's "The Story of Celeste" that my sister and I had in the 50s, which I'm pretty sure must have been the one with Victor Jory narrating and the Roy Block orchestra performing the music. Definitely— well probably— NOT Paul Tripp's own recording, because I can hear so clearly the deep voice of the narrator on the last phrase: "And for all we know they may be dancing still..."

I don't seem to be able to extract a good link to the only sound clip I could find. But that's ok, because the voice isn't right anyway... My friend K.'s husband collects old phonographs, and old records. I've asked her to ask him to hunt for it.

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