Sunday, December 09, 2007

Miscellaneous Updates

Working theory on the red driftwood is that they are red alders washed down from along the river. Look at the color in the broken branch photo near the bottom of the Alnus rubra wikipedia article...

...and the woodpecker has to be a hairy woodpecker, downies have shorter beaks. Birdweb says, "In Washington, the typical habitat of Hairy Woodpeckers is mature coniferous forest, although they are common in hardwood and mixed forests in other parts of their range. In Washington, they also frequent burned forests, mixed forests, wooded parks, and conifer-lined streams and shorelines." Shorelines.

Ivan Doig's Winter Brothers was the best book I've read for ages, and has made it possible for me to face Jerry Gorsline's Shadows of our Ancestors : Readings in the history of Klallam-White Relations. Slowly.

And the snow has stopped.

Snowy Driveway
Snowy Town

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