Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Miscellany

The library here doesn't have Carolyn Reeder's The Secret Project Notebook. K. says it's a better Los Alamos juvenile novel than The Green Glass Sea — and she should know, she grew up there after the war, when it was still a closed city. I just hate it when I bump up against the fact that I no longer can command the universe to get me (and all the library's other readers, whom I serenely used to assume would like what I liked) whatever I want to read.

Quite suddenly a desire to find the next roof over my head outweighs my reluctance to give up this very bright quiet sublet with its dual view. I glance out the kitchen window to guess what weather dawn will bring, assessing how clear the lights are on the Vancouver Island shore. La-di-dah. Another country glittering across the water in the dark. Yawn, so what. I could conceivably let it go. And a good thing too, as it's time to start apartment-hunting...

M. and I went to the Park visitor center the other evening to hear Suzanne Cox Griffin's presentation on the Olympic marmot. There are less than 2000 if them left. I took a lot of notes about population ecology, and marmot hibernation, and patterns of extinction and recolonization. The capsule news, though, is that the population is tanking in most parts of the high country, including the colonies out at Obstruction Point. (The marmot picture is from the Park website.)

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