Saturday, July 07, 2007

Stylistic Remarks

a) When Suzanne V. turned my composition, "Things That Want To Be Counted" into a broadside, not only did she rearrange all the parts, and use very large type for the words she thought most important; she also edited out every single parenthetical aside and explanation. I took that as an important piece of literary criticism, and ever since have been rewriting to eliminate as many parentheses as I manage to notice. If I concentrate I can write without parentheses.

b) For now I will continue to point to posts on either Icarus or Many An Afternoon, as seems pertinent. I haven't quite let go of all that work that it turned out wasn't quite mine and couldn't come away with me. I imagine I will stop pointing to the past after a while.

c) Immediately I will begin to use LibraryThing for bibliographic links, instead of the catalog at my Former Place of Work.

d) I will not necessarily explain myself all the time. Today the haircutter said, as she wrapped the sheet around me, "Didn't you used to work for the library?" "Still do," I said, without thinking; heard myself; but declined to correct it.

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