Friday, July 06, 2007

With Seventeen Minutes Left

... the desk was all cleared off and cleared out. A few things like stapler, tape, scissors in the top drawer. A handful of statistical folders which I just couldn't get to and can't throw out without sorting—as Robert Heinlein said in one of his juvenile novels, "A fact should be loved for itself alone"—which I'll go through in a couple of weeks, before I leave town for reals.

All that's left: the Kerouac bumper sticker; and Chesterton's line, printed large on a sheet of paper, "Literature is a luxury. Fiction is a necessity." OK. Kerouac souvenir left on a defenseless colleague's desk while he's out of the room :-) and I don't need the Chesterton on paper, having just put it here. That's it. Done.

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