Thursday, November 14, 2013

Even More Blue, and Beyond Perfect Blue

While this blog was hiding under a rock, I went twice to the outer coast. Was trying out doing it as an overnight trip with motel, instead of a daytrip, to get around my energy problem. It works.

Trip #1: So it took me 5 hours to get out of the house on October 13, then finally I'm rolling determinedly toward Rialto Beach and three miles short of the beach

guess what


Rialto Beach is in the PARK. At not one single moment in the five days that I had been planning this did it cross my mind that the #shutdown I had been following obsessively had SHUT DOWN MY PARK.

Easy enough to re-direct. First Beach is on the Quileute Rez, under tribal control (not the Park). So I went to La Push. Very warm. Very quiet ocean. I put on my water shoes for a little while. Not THAT warm. Put back on the boots and socks. Read for a while.

Quileute Needles, October 13, 2013. (Click for larger image.)
Wet feet, October 13, 2013. (Click for larger image.)

Sat in the car on the point overlooking First Beach. Tide coming in, ever so peaceably. Just a few pelicans cruised out towards James Island. Still reading. As IJ reminded me, I can read anywhere. Have often used that fact to get me on the road to Rialto in the past. Wouldn't I rather read to the sound of waves? Yes of course I would.

Hadn't been able to get a reservation in the motel in La Push, so eventually I adjourned to the Pacific Inn Motel in Forks. Supper in the diner. Later I wanted a snack and wandered on down the street looking for the convenience store I thought was there. [Not; that was a floating bit of crosswired memory: in Socorro, NM, the same configuration: motel and diner on the west side of a street in a town at convenient run-away distance from home and near someplace beautiful that I really wanted to be. No little convenience store a block or two down-highway from the Pacific Inn in Forks...]

In the morning, back out to La Push, to First Beach. It was even more blue, and just as peaceable. Watched the tribal fishermen working their nets in the river mouth for a long time. Then wandered home.

Even More Blue, October 14, 2013 (Click for larger image.)
Working in the quiet. October 14, 2013 (Click for larger image.)

As pictures go, very much always-the-same-place. First Beach always looks like First Beach. But each occasion is its own self. Today's shirt-pocket full of small smooth pebbles are different from all the others, have their own parking place on the desk. Today's photos of the Quileute Needles are not the same as last fall's or next month's, even when they are the same.

Trip #2: For October 27 I did have a reservation in La Push: second floor, ocean view, thank you very much. The weather was beyond perfect blue. I myself wasn't feeling too crisp, but off I went to Rialto Beach. All I really wanted to do was read my book so I wandered not very far to the south from the parking lot, and sat by a log, and read.

Rialto Beach, October 27, 2013 (Click for larger image.)
Beyond Perfect Blue, Rialto Beach, October 27, 2013 (Click for larger image.)

When it got cold sitting there, even in the sun, I drove around to La Push and checked into the Thunderbird. Room 112. Upstairs. Opened the curtains. Opened the sliding door to the little deck outside the room. I had a bed, a couch, a kitchenette, books to read, a deck, and the entire Pacific Ocean. And I thought I might just move in permanently. Never leave. It's been a long time since I had such an upsweep of delight.

There was not much swell, through the night with the windows closed I could hear only the occasional larger waves. Thump-boom-swoosh reaching in through the glass. In the morning, a soft and subtle sunrise, a perfect blue horizon. The sunlight arrived on the sea stacks and on James Island.

October 28, 2013. Before sunrise, James Island. (Click for larger image.)

Still not feeling very well, I just hung around sipping coffee and looking out the windows until checkout time, watching the waves break peaceably on the shore of First Beach.

Sunlight and waves, First Beach. (Click for larger image.)

Then I headed home without even going down to the beach, while I still had as much fresh energy and focus as there is available on a zombie day. Do you see? I can go be at the ocean even when I don't really feel well. This is epic.

Thanks to Olympic National Park, for Rialto Beach, and to the Quileute tribe for room 112.


Anonymous said...

You're still drinking coffee?? Oh Miriam, coffee stimulates the intestines. Give it up girl!

mb said...

Caffeine is MEDICINE. Coffee has digestive implications, cola has other digestive implications, and caffeine pills give me the jitters. But without any, I come. to. a. complete. stop. What kind of quality of life is that? I'm not dead yet.

robin andrea said...

Those are spectacular photos. The one of the sunrise looking west has a wonderful atmospheric optic. The dark blue band at the horizon is the earth's shadow and the pink band above it is called the belt of venus. A beautiful shot!

mb said...

Oh Robin, zowie. The shadow of the earth and the belt of Venus. Who knew? (I actually looked for the green flash at sunset. Nope. But I don't really know what I was looking for.)

Anonymous said...

Very sorry, i didnt realize the caffeine in coffee was so necessary. After being in Asia, that problem just doesn't happen to me. I was just worried that it was maybe too stimulating, creating other kinds of problems. My apologies.

Sara Armstrong said...

Why doesn't my camera give me that gorgeous range of blues like yours does for you? You must have a magic eye.