Thursday, November 07, 2013

Among the Things I Didn't Do This Summer and Fall

Didn't fill the freezer with blackberries picked from the streetside bushes around the corner.

Didn't get up the Sol Duc River to watch the coho salmon jumping at Salmon Cascades.

Didn't go out to Obstruction Point, so didn't see any marmots.

No blackberries in 2013. No salmon in 2013. No marmots in 2013. And damn near no blogging. Um, in that case who am I and why am I here??

August 26, 2013. Rialto Beach. Photo by JL. She's good, isn't she? (Click for larger image.)

For Rialto Beach, thankyou Olympic National Park.

Shout-out to @JudeCallirgos whose recent blog post reminded me to try again to keep a record and communicate. No blog --> no memory. This beach-bunny blog doesn't have much to do with what's really going on in my life right now, but that's not the problem. I just don't much wanna talk except in 140-character bursts. I don't even wanna take pictures.


Elizabeth West said...

Even what you didn't do is interesting!
I enlarged the Rialto beach photo by JL -- great image!

robin andrea said...

Glad to see a post here. Great photo and stunning rock cairn.

It's true about no blog--no memory. We have gone back and re-read posts from years ago. Amazing what it reminds us of, and how much we have already forgotten.