Monday, October 11, 2010

Foray into Shangri-La

A. came over on the noon ferry. The weather had turned glorious on the crossing, and we darted straight up the mountain.

Destination, Obstruction Point. From Victoria, the Olympics sometimes loom as massive and delectable as Himalayas on the horizon; and I'd promised her this magical foray towards Shangri-La.

... (Click for larger image.)

"Here's where the marmots were," I said as we rolled along, and whoah, there they were.

The marmots' context (Click for larger image.)
Two marmots. Energetic and not too fat. Young ones? (Click for larger image.)

The road's been open since the middle of July, and will close as soon as it snows. We walked a little distance along the Lillian Ridge trail, windy, cold, beautiful. It got darker, clouds were moving in, maybe. Time to go? Goodbye for eight or ten months, paradise.

Autumn on Lillian Ridge (Click for larger image.)
This one is A's photo... (Click for larger image.)

Except I may have to go back up after work one day this week to examine the amazing flaming bushes by the road in the woods. What on earth are they, and why did I not look more closely after I decided, no, I may not pick a leaf....

Luckily there are some quite close to the beginning of the road... (Click for larger image.)


Linda York Leaming said...

Gorgeous place!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through OL. I only know you as Towhee. Lovely to see the Olympic photos, particularly the marmots! Paradise is aptly named and just about my favourite place in the world.
Have you seen any Loons in PA harbour area recently? You may know we have been visiting BC and Washington state for a number of years, staying at the Red Lion in PA, waking up to the sunrise and the cries of the Loons. This year we had a change and went to the Maritimes. We saw Fin whales and one Humpie and we did see Loons but I missed the west, the Orca, the mountains and the unspoiled wildness. I have an album of wildlife pics on Flickr which starts with PA pictures;

osmia said...

"amazing flaming bushes"
Have you found out what they are? They do look stunning.