Thursday, April 04, 2013

Red Alder Catkins

Where the Elwha River flows into the Strait, the new landscape architecture remains, at least as of March 29: flowing straight out, the new sandspit gone or rather smooshed strait-wards creating wide shallows even at low tide. There were eagles hanging around, and black oystercatchers, grebes in the water and maybe a loon or maybe no. The light was murky, it was hard to see. The camera wasn't happy at all, nor was JL who had had sunshine at her house and dressed accordingly.

River Flowing Out, March 29, 2013 (Click for larger image.)
A little movie
Blurry eagle (Click for larger image.)

We found a drift card buried in the sand behind the beach, released only two days before and already washed over to the backslope. We threw it back into the river to try again to get somewhere, though this may not have been the intention of the middleschool scientists who had made it.

Driftcard (Click for larger image.)
Bloodstar (Click for larger image.)

Later we wandered back through the woods along the riverbank well inland; in New Mexico you'd call it a bosque. There were itty bitty birds, and some mergansers on the river. Exuberant red alder catkins.

Red Alder Catkins, Elwha River, March 29, 2013. (Click for larger image.)

Later still, we went to the Blackberry Cafe in Joyce. It was sunny in Joyce.

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