Monday, February 11, 2013

Where Water Comes Together With Other Water

Here is Tom Roorda's January 16, 2013, photo of sediment outflow at the mouth of the Elwha River. Thankyou to Mr. Roorda for permission to show it here. The nearshore is being remade all along our part of the Strait as the river brings down the vast quantities of sediment released by removal of the two dams.

The mouth of the Elwha River on January 16, 2013. Photo by Tom Roorda. (Click for larger image.)

I keep meaning to get out there on my own two feet and take a photo from the spot where I have brought so many visitors, the end point of the 'Freeing the Elwha Tour'. But weather and the distractions of life have been against me. It makes more visual sense from the air anyway.

PS You probably already know that the title of this post is borrowed from a Raymond Carver poem. (Here's the text. Lots of people have put it on the web. Thx to Justin Moore for this version.)


Anonymous said...

Please tell me- is the tribal village at the top of the photo "above" the mouth of the River or elsewhere. Iva

robin andrea said...

That is quite an image.

justinedwardmoore said...

You're welcome!