Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glorious Day, With Sea Voyage

Saturday morning early, AO and I were on our way to Victoria. It was a glorious morning.

November 10, 2012, waiting at the ferry terminal. (The Olympic Mountains on the horizon.) (Click for larger image.)
The log yard as seen from Port Angeles Harbor (Click for larger image.)
Port Angeles, with the mountains to the south (Click for larger image.)

First we went to the Royal BC Museum. I don't get lost in there any more (fourth visit with a guest this year), but you know, there's not enough light nor enough air circulation in that museum. Probably good for the artifacts, but we people were ready to be out of there at about the one hour point, as usual. After a determined sweep through the giftshop (cards! bookmarks!), we ambled around the side of the museum to Thunderbird Park, as one does.

Thunderbird Park, Royal BC Museum, Victoria. November 10, 2012. (Click for larger image.)

And then shuffled through the sunny leaves-falling streets behind the Parliament Building, admiring fountains and buildings and the wonderful peaceable ambiance of Victoria; even just two blocks from the tourist ground zero of the Inner Harbour there were no parking meters, no traffic; just houses, apartments, buildings now occupied by Parliament-related offices... We rendezvoused with WC and PW at the James Bay Tea Room for a long long talky lunch. With tartlets for dessert. Me and PW staked out the lemon tartlets, AO had to try a Nanaimo bar and a butter tart.

In the James Bay Tea Room. (Click for larger image.)

WC drove us to the art museum (actually, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria). I wanted to see the Emily Carr exhibit. WC stayed in the Emily Carr exhibit, but Emily clearly did not float AO's boat; other parts of the gallery did, and the garden, and the beautiful afternoon. And the gift shop (cards! bookmarks!). We had to keep one eye on the time, missing the afternoon ferry was NOT an option.

Sorry, can't show you paintings (Click for larger image.)

The days are so short. The advantage is how much of a day has gorgeous low sun angles (when there's sun). By the time the ferry sailed it was already golden evening.

... (Click for larger image.)

Was very sad not to see the harbour taxis flitting around, they are not running this winter. Had to make do with float planes and bridges for entertainment while we sat on the upper deck waiting for the ferry to sail. I think that was good enough to show AO why I love hanging out in Victoria Harbour.

Then home.

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