Thursday, November 15, 2012

Except For the Ducks

AO needed to look at the Lodge at Lake Crescent, as a possible venue for a group event she is helping to plan for next May. Alas, the Lodge is closed for the winter, so no elegant Lodge-y lunch; the road was only unblocked because there is one small group of cabins available on winter weekends. But oh my... We had the lake and the grounds and the leaves all over the ground to ourselves, except for the ducks.

Lake Crescent Lodge, Olympic National Park, November 11, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

Absolutely couldn't be a quieter and more beautiful setting for her event; only, on next Memorial Day weekend the place will be stuffed full of people, life, cars, boats, noise. Not my problem. Her folks want to stay in the National Park, but they are probably not going to get to the Outer Coast, or Sol Duc Falls, or Hurricane Ridge. Also not my problem (though it's hard to let go of my tour-guide persona in service of these people I'll never meet...)

We took a very short walk along the Marymere Falls Trail, which is right there near the Lodge; but it was rainy and AO was cold, so we turned back before we were barely into Barnes Creek's impressive forest. (There was one especially big douglas fir. "You are officially a Big Dude," I told it.) Later we had a very late lunch at one of the tourist restaurants overlooking Port Angeles harbor. The next day she flew home.

At Fairchild International Airport, Port Angeles, 11/12/12 (Click for larger image.)

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