Saturday, October 13, 2012

Magic Carpet Ride on Monday Last

On Monday, after the monthly clinical trial checkup at OHSU, KF drove me out to Hillsboro to wait for my AngelFlight to arrive (then hustled herself back in the other direction, to PDX for her own flight home). Waited in a different place, Premier Jet Center's FBO. They knew all about the AngelFlight arriving for me, and made me welcome. (Thank you, Premier Jet Center and AngelFlight...)

October 8, 2012. Mission 170446-1 arrives at HIO to pick me up (Click for larger image.)

The weather was perfect, smooth and clear. My pilots, Aaron and CJ, kept up an entertaining conversation with each other, they were practicing flying by Instrument Flight Rules (IFR): navigating as if they couldn't see at all despite the clear endless vista out the windows of Aaron's Cessna 172.

Mount Rainier stood out clearly. As we approached the Columbia River, I could see where Great Vow Monastery had to be, where we were on Sunday; took a picture though the temporary camera is not so interested in getting images through airplane windows.

Approaching the Columbia, and looking out towards the Pacific Ocean (Click for larger image.)
Roughly the same view, on Google Earth. Pin marks Great Vow Zen Monastery. (Click for larger image.)

The Olympics put on a spectacular show.

Looking into the Realm of the Gods, the east rampart of the Olympic Mountains, Hood Canal in foreground (Click for larger image.)

Coming around the corner to head west along the Strait, saw an interesting landform detail which turns out to be Mats Mats Bay near Port Ludlow (no pic); clearly picked out Graysmarsh along the north Sequim shore, flew in over the log yard and T-pier where POS Leader was still docked (were they EVER going to sail?),

Greysmarsh (Click for larger image.)
POS Leader and the log yard, Port Angeles Harbor (Click for larger image.)

and home. Thank you so much to Aaron and CJ.

October 8, 2012. Mission 170446-1 at Port Angeles (Click for larger image.)

PS for PG & DG: POS Leader finally sailed Tuesday evening; is now en route to Lianyungang, north of Shanghai. (map)

PS for Aaron and CJ. The previous Angel Flights I have flown on were a Cessna 172SP, a Grumman American AA-5, a Cessna T210, and I don't seem to have a record of the 4th one. (photo) Next month I'll ask Dr. Pommier what he flies, and let you know.

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