Tuesday, October 16, 2012

But Didn't It Rain Somewhere?

As end-of-the-world rainstorms go, it was sure a fizzle around here. Like a quarter of an inch, not quite, for all that it was gray and drizzly. Well, ok, it rained almost five inches out at La Push. Two and a half inches on Hurricane Ridge, some of it snow, though no visible new snow remains.

3-Day Precipitation: Port Angeles, La Push (Quillayute Airport), Hurricane Ridge (Click for larger image.)

There was no big swell arriving to the outer coast, no NOAA warnings to speak of. It all adds up to a minor early storm—for which praise the Lord, it's been dry for months.

The Elwha River hopped up a bit, but then the gauge malfunctioned so the graph isn't all that useful. There's certainly more flow visible on the dam cams. The sky is clear right here right now, if a bit windy. With luck someone is doing a flight over the mouth of the Elwha to get an aerial of sediment outflow...

Elwha River, Gauge Above (former) Lake Mills (Click for larger image.)

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