Sunday, September 02, 2012

Curtiss Robin

Wednesday we thought about going back to Pike Place Market, which we knew how to find and which would position us near the ferry —this was (so far) a Seattle visit where I had avoided getting lost and driving in circles, and my first impulse was to stay in the central area... But we decided to be bold, and set out for the Museum of Flight. (Thanks to M. for the suggestion.) Made a wrong turn and then a whole sequence of bad choices trying to recover from the error; ended up trapped on the Alaskan Way Viaduct heading in the wrong direction, and going in circles downtown, Nearly Back Where We Started; but agreed we were both up for another try. Found the Museum of Flight, and chalked up another wildly successful seeing of sights.

Heath Parasol, and Curtiss Robin (Click for larger image.)
(Love that Robin for some reason, maybe because of the sign) (Click for larger image.)
In the Main Hall of the Museum of Flight (Click for larger image.)

We covered every inch, maybe not reading every word :-) Particularly enjoyed the Red Barn, the original Boeing factory, with a wonderful film clip of women sewing the skins on aircraft... but unfortunately was tired and stopped taking pictures around then; so no photos from the Barn of the wonderful machinery with mannekins bent over their work or the photo exhibits; and also no pix of the the original Mercury capsule and a full mockup the lunar rover used by the astronauts on the Moon; no record of walks through the Concorde and the AirForce One and the International Space Station laboratory module.

The Original Boeing Factory (Click for larger image.)

The Museum of Flight lost its bid for a Space Shuttle, but is following through on its intention to expand coverage of the Space Age. There's a big new exhibit under construction, with a mockup of a Shuttle training facility and other space-related exhibits. There's a little shop in the new unit; got the BEST souvenir.

Bumper Strip (Click for larger image.)

Lunch in the excellent cafe, then careful successful following of directions back to the ferry terminal, where we Just Missed a sailing, we could see it pull away as we turned in our tickets. So we had a happy hour on the shores of Elliott Bay, being downtown. Despite the sunniness of these images, drove through some rain on Bainbridge Island. And home.

Waiting for the ferry (Click for larger image.)
Leaving the Emerald City (Click for larger image.)

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