Friday, September 30, 2011

Ships and Ships

From the window of the OCNMS office where I am picking away at the database project, things look pretty quiet. There are two Polar tankers in port, and both the submarine support vessels, HOS Eagleview and Arrowhead.

Quiet in the harbor, September 29, 2011 (Click for larger image.)
Polar Discovery (Click for larger image.)

Of course Global Standard was not going to Europe. Scratch, a great source of photos, as a source of tracking information. David Sellars, who writes about the harbor for Peninsula Daily News, says she went to Lanshan, China. Mr Sellars had the great good fortune to watch the lashing down of Global Standard from on-board, and wrote a most informative article. Global Standard was followed at the T-pier by Cook Strait. She was fully loaded but still at the dock when I flew in over the harbor on Monday evening, but then sailed. The log yard is empty at the moment.

Yesterday there was a mystery ship which I was too stupid to put the binoculars on, or to look it up last night, and the photo is useless, and it's gone now. Rats. Who is this and where was she going, or coming from.

Mystery Ship (Click for larger image.)
Ocean Cape has been at the city pier for weeks (Click for larger image.)

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