Monday, September 19, 2011

Harbor Full of Ships

The harbor is full of ships. Earlier today there was even a container ship, which we don't usually see in our harbor. According to the tracker sites, NYK Artemis came in off the ocean having sailed from Oakland, not carrying much, spent a night anchored out in the harbor, and then sailed for Busan, Korea. We'll never know why.

NYK Artemis with Polar Adventure, looking ghostly, 09/19/11 (Click for larger image.)

At the T-pier there's a log ship, but it too is mysterious. It's not one of the Pacific Basin line ships, which all the others have been. It looks entirely different. Global Standard came through the Panama Canal on August 30, and when it leaves here it is headed back through the canal en route to Brussels. Huh? Logs to Europe? At midday there were a dozen or so fully loaded log trucks lined up and waiting, no logs in the cradles, and the cranes were not working. I'm leaving in the dark hours for a family visit, and will not get to see what happens next: whether they load it to the tops of the stanchions, or whether like Artemis she'll set forth mostly empty; nor will ever know why her itinerary brought her here.

Global Standard, looking idle, 09/19/11 (Click for larger image.)
The harbor, evening, 09/19/11. I bet they all have a story... (Click for larger image.)

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