Sunday, July 10, 2011

Signs, Signals, and Webcams

I went and asked at the Olympic National Park visitor center here in town about when the Obstruction Point Road might open. A volunteer docent said her husband had hiked to the end of the road this week, and had needed an ice axe to keep his footing getting across the iced-over drifts in the road in some places. She guessed mid-August. A ranger guy guessed late August. No houseguests are getting onto the Lillian Ridge Trail in the near future...

The road conditions recording says there are 44" of snow at the snow stake, wherever that is; somewhere on the north side of the hill above the Hurricane Ridge visitor center, perhaps the nubbin in the background on the northcam,

Hurricane Ridge Web Cam, Parking Lot View (Click for larger image.)

the view of the parking lot on Hurricane Ridge. There are almost always deer in the cam view that looks southwest towards Mt. Olympus. Are people feeding them, or is there just more fresh grass on this slope than elsewhere in the vicinity? There are those 44" of snow nearby to factor in...

Hurricane Ridge Web Cam, Looking Towards the Bailey Range and Mount Olympus (Click for larger image.)

Enough with the addictive-behavior reading orgy. I really am heading for the outer coast this morning.

La Push Web Cams (1)(2), Right Now (Click for larger image.)

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