Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meanwhile, Back At The Harbor

The log ship that sailed on Friday was Kiwi Trader. She is en route to Penglai, the same destination as Sun Ruby last month. (1)(2). Thank you to David Sellars for letting me know what ship she was. Mr. Sellars writes about 'boats, ships and strolling the waterfront' for the Peninsula Daily News.

By Sunday there was another log ship at the T-pier, Timaru Star. JK is here, we have driving-and-hiking agendas for the next couple of days, but we will keep an eye on Star; to find out where she's going, we have to catch her on the shiptracker websites after she sails and before she gets out of range of the AIS receivers...

Timaru Star, evening, June 27, 2011. No activity. (Click for larger image.)

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