Thursday, June 02, 2011

Great Circle

On May 28th, a week after she left Port Angeles, Sun Ruby passed through the Aleutians and into the Bering Sea, en route to Penglai in China. Say what? She's where? I jumped up and laid a piece of twine on the big globe. O-o-o-h.

It's hard to see clearly. Adam Schneider's wonderful gpsvisualizer helps (thanks for permission to show image here:

Great Circle from Port Angeles to Penglai, drawn by on a Google Maps base (Click for larger image.)

The shortest distance, the great circle, would take her across the corner of Alaska, across Kamchatka, across Sakhalin Island and Khabarovsk and Manchuria. Obviously that won't quite work. So through Unimak Pass she goes,

The unexpected news from (Click for larger image.)

and then...

Great Circle routes... (Click for larger image.)

Coast Guard map above is from this report)(thanks to for the find.) Another map.

Oh my. I bet this is one of those #everyone-knew-this-but-me things.

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Rocco said...

Actually, in-depth understanding of Great Circle routes is probably relatively specialized.