Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Late to Work Again

Readin' the current book by Jack Nisbet, the guy who wrote the book about David Thompson mapping the upper reaches of the Columbia that I had so much fun with a few months ago. This one is set in the late 1820s and is about the plant collector David Douglas. Douglas-fir douglas-squirrel douglasia etc Douglas.

Should be blogging Monday's beach walk, or else mopping floors--sand ALL OVER the house, yo-- but am sitting here reading twitter and tending my sundry reading-greed lists.

Frost so thick this morning it's like science fiction. No it didn't rain or snow, all that endless thick white just froze right out of the air...

COASST survey, January 17, 2011, Hobuck Beach (map) (Click for larger image.)

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Sky said...

Hi - just checking in to see what you have been up to! Hope you're having a good week. Glad you made it over to the coast. Love the pics of the wood!