Thursday, December 09, 2010

Yes Ships

This morning between outbursts of rain, the sky cleared up a bit, and a big tanker came cruising by the bottom of the street, very close in. Like maybe she would be coming into the harbor, that close in. Popped out on the deck for a picture, then to to look her up. Yes. Alaskan Explorer, destination Port Angeles.

Alaskan Explorer on the Strait, December 9, 2010 (Click for larger image.)

It was time to go to work. I just about kept pace with her easterly progress as I drove across town, so that she was just pulling around the end of the Hook when I parked; and when I got to my desk and then walked over to the college library's astonishing wall of windows, there was Explorer, just steaming by.

Alaskan Explorer coming into the harbor (Click for larger image.)

I worked until 8PM on Tuesday, and had my first experience of all that glass as a black curtain. Anything could be going on out there in the black night beyond the glass. The world might end out there and the building exist alone in infinite darkness. How would we know?

PS I think I've solved the iPad blogging problem. More investigation to be done, but the fifth attempt got me almost there: the trick will be to post the photos by email, then write directly in Emailed photos seem to behave the way I want. Yaay.

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