Thursday, December 09, 2010

No Ships : a Meta-Post

Yesterday dawned rainy, but I had no fresh photos to put on the blog. I detoured down to the harbor on my way to work. There were no ships large or small anchored out in the harbor, no big ships at the terminal (W.C. Park Responder was there, as is often the case; when moored next to a freighter or tanker she is so small she doesn't even rate mention; but right then she sat among the idle cranes and miscellaneous work boats and was the only ship around). It was about 9AM, so the ferry was halfway to Victoria. Everything was quiet, and dim, and greyish. There were puddles everywhere. Momentarily it stopped raining and a hole opened in the clouds; a fuzzy-muzzy bit of rainbow touched down on Ediz Hook (map).

Ferry Not At Home, December 8, 2010 (Click for larger image.)

OK then. I have now spent literally hours trying to put up a successful blog post from the iPad. is not a friend to a java-less environment. The Blogpress app produces unsatisfactory results as to where the photos are stored and how they behave. And if Blogpress could be easy to use for composition I haven't figured it out yet. Tried emailing a photo from iPad to twitpic, but ran into the java problem again in trying to get blogger to pull in the photo from there. I am not best pleased with the Gadget at the moment. Nor with Google, whose choice it is not to write an iPad-compatible app for its users. I'll keep trying other avenues, but we are verging on the territory of This Is Really a Time-Sink Not Worthy of One's Energy In a Suffering World.

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