Friday, November 19, 2010

Loading Portland Bay, part 2

November 18, late afternoon. Went right back after work. Visible progress. The holds had been filled, and water-tight covers put on. Tall stanchions were put up along the sides, and the loading continues. All four cranes are working, loading from trucks on the near side, from log rafts out of sight on the far side. (The covering of the holds, and the fact that they are loading from the waterside as well as from the incoming log trucks, I didn't learn about until the next morning.)

Where are these logs coming from? Where are they going? Why has the work in the woods suddenly started up again in the past year, after maybe as much as a decade? What's going on here?

From there I went out on Ediz Hook. It had clouded over. Crabbers were coming in to the small boat docks, all telling each other they had done very well. One lady told me they got eight big ones, two of them huge. She was going right home to cook them for dinner...

Small boat docks on Ediz Hook, Port Angeles across the harbor (Click for larger image.)
Port Angeles harbor, Olympic Mountains to the south (Click for larger image.)
Small crab boat on the Strait, Victoria on the other side (note Mt. Douglas) (Click for larger image.)

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...beautiful layers of clouds there!