Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday Morning, Friday Evening, Saturday Morning

The logs are coming from Merrill&Ring's forest lands on the West End. This is according to David J. Sellars' articles in Peninsula Daily News; one in March about Portland Bay's sister ship, Koombana Bay, 'the first large ship to take on logs in Port Angeles Harbor in a decade.' Another in May about another log ship.

But why? Why now? And where are the logs going? Another article says Korea. Why? It should be possible to learn Portland Bay's destination port, if I don't lose track when she's out of range of and the other sites. Here is a nice picture of our Portland Bay, from

Friday morning before work. A security guard cues me in that they are also loading rafts of logs from the waterside, and suggests I go over near the marina office for an angle on it.

Tug moving out with a raft of the remaining logs in the water, November 19, 2010... (Click for larger image.)

Ediz Hook (map) in the background of the image above, across the harbor. You can just make out the red speck of the pilot boat, and a large tanker passing by out on the Strait, just behind the Hook from this angle. Usually I take pictures of the harbor from out there, not from this side.

Loading from the wharf continues, November 19 morning (Click for larger image.)
Portland Bay and Alaskan Explorer, November 19, 2010 (Click for larger image.)

Friday evening. Visible progress. The load is approaching the top of the stanchions.

November 19, evening (Click for larger image.)

Saturday morning, November 20th. Nothing seems to be happening. A guy in a pickup teases me when I hop out of the car with my camera ("I'll take 8x10s of those pictures"), and tells me she won't leave for a couple of days, and that the load will go to the tops of the stanchions. I always believe guys in pickups.

November 20, morning (Click for larger image.)

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