Monday, November 01, 2010

Before the Storm, After the Storm

Since the Roadtrip to Someplace Entirely New wasn't happening, and it was still fairly blue out, on Sunday afternoon I went to try the Striped Peak Trail at Salt Creek County Park. Nearby new instead of faraway new. Alas, the trailhead was completely blocked off, Closed, and the signs even had burlap over them. Closed. Not even a new walk in a familiar place. I parked down by the fence looking out over the Strait (definitely not new), and read Ian Frazier for a while. A group of black oystercatchers flew whistling by below the bluff; I looked: yes, oystercatchers. I know them by their voices now. Went down the steps and sat on the rocks. No more oystercatchers came by.

From Salt Creek, Look West; Looking North (Click for larger image.)
Kelp Beds at Salt Creek; Vancouver Island Across the Strait

The rain started in the middle of the night, and kept on most of the morning. Monday afternoon the rain seemed to have stopped. Sort of. After work I went west.

Lake Crescent in Light Rain, November 1, 2010 (Click for larger image.)

At Salmon Cascade, there was a lot of water. Compared, say, to the flow depicted on October 1, amazing lots; all the landmark rocks shown in that October 1 picture, along the sides of the river and out in the middle, were under the heaped up water. No salmon jumping, well, you'd think no salmon in his right mind would be trying it just then.

Sol Duc River, November 1, 2010, Rain Sort Of Over, Sort Of (Click for larger image.)
Rain (Click for larger image.)
Salmon Cascade, After the Rain

The Skokomish did flood, but only just barely. Next weekend will try again for an expedition.

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