Monday, October 04, 2010

Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon. For the first hour or so, no salmon were moving. Some watchers could see salmon in the pool below the cascade. Around 4 o'clock, they started to jump. There's not so much water, and there were not so many fish; not so much water, little enough water noise that you could plainly hear the flitter-flitter-flitter as one fish landed against the rock to the right of the main water flow and attempted to swim up it. And hear all the watchers call out with each fish's move: Whoah. There's one. Whoo. Go go go. Whoah. Lending lift to the fishes with our engagement.

Low Flow at Salmon Cascades, October 1, 2010. (Click for larger image.)

At this time of year in the forest, the sunlight is late-afternoon lavish all day long.

The forest at the Cascade, October 1. (Click for larger image.)

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