Thursday, September 30, 2010


The sun did a cheerful red rise a little while ago, still crossing the horizon where I can see it. In a couple of weeks and onward for several months it will be popping up behind the trees in the vacant lot; and also too far south to shine in the front windows again until late February or early March. For some reason it charms me all to pieces when the sun comes obliquely in the front windows, which I think of as facing north though in fact the angle is more like 25 degrees east of north.

It's really blue out there. Maybe after work I'll rush out to the west and watch the salmon jumping on the Sol Duc River. Could wait until tomorrow, I'd be leaving from Elwha instead of the college, half an hour further west; and in clothes I'd be more willing to play in. The Park biologist said in the paper this weekend that the coho salmon will be jumping at Salmon Cascades for the next month. But I can't get over the feeling that I'm missing my chance to see them. Jump. Jumpjump.

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Rocco said...

We saw cohos jumping last year on Oct. 27, as you can confirm if you look back on your posting for that day.