Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue Again All Over

Went down to the harbor to see if any ducks have yet come back for the winter. Not. But lots of blue water and blue sky and warm sunshine when I got out onto Ediz Hook (map); kayakers and a few fisher boats coming in, a seal by the docks. The 5:30 ferry was just pulling in when I got out there. The cargo ship Port Philip is anchored out in the harbor, being fueled. On the Strait, one big ship outbound over towards the Canadian side, and after that not a single ship on the move.

Strait of Juan de Fuca. On the far side, Vancouver Island (CA) to the left, San Juan Islands (US) to the right. (Click for larger image.)

Then the water taxi Sealth Arrow came across the harbor towing a long floating dock. After sunset she came back with another load, several shorter docks rafted together. They will be hauled out into the parking area near the end of the Hook for the winter, out of storms' way. It happens every winter, but to tell the truth I don't know where they are brought in from. The city pier? The marina? There were just two guys, one driving the Sealth, the other climbing around and shifting ropes and manhauling the incoming pieces into position, then lashing them on either side of the more westerly of the small boat docks.

The first dock-moving run (Click for larger image.)
The second dock-moving run (Click for larger image.)

Meanwhile several small recreational fishing boats puttered in past all the activity and along the dock closer to the pilot station; loaded up on their trailers; and headed home.

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