Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Hours, Two Beaches

Went out with JL to walk her two beaches in Clallam Bay, by COASST's reckoning Slip Point beach and Middle Point beach. The marine layer fog moved to and fro, the conditions we'd have to indicate on our COASST forms changing constantly. No dead birds. Two eagles over Slip Point.

Though we were right in the village of Clallam Bay for the first hour, and then right by the highway a bit further west, there were few people on the beaches. Nobody at all on the little stretch of Middle Point beach.

JL picking up fireworks trash, Middle Point (Click for larger image.)
Kelp Bed at Slip Point. Sekiu in the distance. (Click for larger image.)
Sea Sacs. (Halosaccion...) (Click for larger image.)

We talked about beaches, and creatures, and the future of the earth much of the way home, then fell into silence as we agreed it is about to be too late and we are not so much depressed as frightened.

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