Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bailey Range in Glory

Up on Hurricane Ridge Tuesday, with W. over from Victoria on the ferry just for a quick visit. I myself am much more likely to go to the ocean unless I have a visitor, but jeez it's glorious up there.

Bailey Range, Mount Olympus peeking up behind (Click for larger image.)
Closer up, to see Olympus (Click for larger image.)
View from the Base of Hurricane Hill (Click for larger image.)

It required great personal restraint not to title this post with the directive from the sign shown below, "Please go off trail and..." These are introduced mountain goats, right-thinking Park supporters wish they could all be relocated (or something). They eat rare plants. (1)(2)

Trailhead Signage (Click for larger image.)

1 comment:

Sky said...

very nice! hard to choose between ocean and mountains sometimes...both are so stunning.
hope you and your friend had great fun.

thought about you a lot lately with the recent crash out your way.

enjoy your summer. :)