Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Car Is at the Port Angeles Airport

I'm in Florida. It's hot and humid and has my family in it, and that's all I'm saying about that.

Olympic Mountains and a certain vehicle, as seen on the airport cam (Click for larger image.)

I'd rather be thinking about how the snow has begun to melt up on top of the mountain, but just barely, and it will take a while. Last year they didn't open the Obstruction Point Road until 4th of July weekend. Wonder how long it will take this year. We got a lot of snow, and there's a lot of water locked up on top of the Olympics.

Snow-water equivalent at the Waterhole Sno-Tel, halfway between Hurricane Ridge and Obstruction Point (Click for larger image.)

The Basin Snow-Water Content at the three Olympic stations is 163% of average, and the total precipitation up there for this water year (since October 1, 2009) is 147% of average.

The graphical maps are way more fun than the numbers:

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