Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Wheels go round and round, sliding walkways slide along, elevators and escalators and airplanes go up and down, and like magic I am delivered back to where big ships cross the bottom of the street, eagles cruise over the supermarket parking lot, and really ridiculously large duck balloons appear next to the road to advertise the Memorial Day duck derby. (You buy a certificate for a numbered plastic duckie. On Sunday, "All of the numbered ducks are dumped into the Nippon Paper Industries canal on race day, and the 'owners' of the first 42 ducks to cross the finish line will win great prizes." It's a fund-raiser for Olympic Medical Center.)

Also the radio attempts to distract you from the working life, by telling you there's a high surf advisory at La Push. No, no-o-o, I didn't hear that, I have to stay late at the college library for a staff meeting. So it might be the last storm surf until next winter, so what.

NWS Warnings, At the Moment, (Click for larger image.)

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