Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Past Is Another Country

Far away for the weekend again, seeing people who were my life, in this case oh, 40 years ago, in the city that was home (as Santa Fe never was in all the 23 years). The last two days seem infinitely long, full of conversations and revelations (you did what then? and after that? I had no idea...); treks back and forth across parts of the city different from the ones we then inhabited; and strangely anachronistic experiences like dead car batteries on steep hilly streets.

Tomorrow I head home.

San Francisco. Downtown from Bernal Hill. (Click for larger image.)
San Francisco. 23rd and Dolores. (Click for larger image.)
San Francisco. 24th and Castro. (Click for larger image.)

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robin andrea said...

Oh that link to the commune pic brought tears to my eyes. Are you in that photo? If the past is another country, these people are my country-men and women. I miss that era, and I can never be sure if it's simply a longing for my youth, or it's a longing for a time when we thought change was possible? Both?

I never lived in San Francisco, but I lived across the bay bridge in Berkeley in 1970. Roger lived in SF in that era. It was quite a time, wasn't it?