Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Someplace Else

I lived in New Mexico for 23 years, and this weekend staged a four-day runaway to visit a lot of people I love who are very far away from where I live now. One of them is my hiking buddy P., and we went off for part of an afternoon to As Exotic As It Gets, the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument (map). It was icy in the slot canyon, and we turned around when we were satisfied, which in effect could have been immediately— Ah, here it is— though in fact we went further.

Tent Rocks (Click for larger image.)

Plus, there was a party, long leisurely talking mornings, familiar restaurants, Railrunner (2) sightings, and a couple of long travel days. Thanks, everybody.


robin andrea said...

I've never explored New Mexico. It looks incredibly beautiful there. Such a stark contrast to the lush green of the northwest.

mb said...

Ah well, it's not all like Tent Rocks. Nothing nearby is like it.

As to the contrast, oh yes. I was done done done with the desert by the time I left. It is hard now to connect with the landscape at all, though I used to reliably find beauty for my heart to feed on, even in winter when I couldn't get into the high country.

quillside said...

One day I will visit a sculptured desert!