Monday, January 25, 2010

High Surf Warning

Boy I'd sure be out there tomorrow if I didn't have a JOB. Even when I was on contract at the tribal library I allowed myself to go when I had to go, i.e. stunningly excellent weather, or high surf. But alas.

This is from (Click for larger image.)

When I was sitting up on Rialto Jetty Saturday, at the turnaround point of my #2 beach walk, I considered what one could do just there in the event of a tsunami. The ocean withdraws to fill the oncoming wave, and... what? Everywhere else, go uphill, go uphill immediately. But there is no straight-up-the-cliff from there. Really not a good idea to stay put and be washed over the jetty and into the river with all the logs. Best to arrange to be somewhere else.

Also while sitting out on the jetty, I took a careful portrait of my bird pack, which was otherwise going to get no proper respect for the foreseeable future, being as month in and month out there will likely be no beached birds to study. Here it is. Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary pack #70, issued to me by COASST. Note the small paint brush for brushing sand off found birds, only one of the many tools stuffed into the pack:

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